The primary intention of Fantastic Views is to disrupt the ill-founded, innate trust people have for images and America. Conceptually, my work seeks to subconsciously erode the effect spectacle has on people by giving a mixture of "true" or "straight" photos alongside somewhat obviously "manipulated" pictures. My hope is that people leave my work questioning how and if my images were manipulated, and perhaps how and if all images are manipulated. I seek to bolster the public sentiment that you can't trust anything you see anymore, and to directly challenge image veracity still looming in the subconscious mind. My little visual tales and riddles are all made to emphasize this central idea.


I continuously work to expand upon my own notions of experience, legend, and performance (or at least the supposed visual documentation of a story or performative act). I would like to confuse my actual reality with these implied/lived experiences and stories as much as possible. If I'm lucky, I will someday get old and senile enough to forget the difference.


All things considered, the real currency for me is in the experience of actually being somewhere: seeing, smelling, touching and listening. Shooting landscapes gets me out into the world, not just documenting, but living experience.


This body of work, started in 2005, operates from the position of intuition and is ongoing.






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